Jersey Boys


Quick review
A little messy with the story line a little sketchy. It was just about feel good factor but if they had just stuck with reality a lot more it could have been epic real touching it didn’t have to be the musical only it could have strayed from that a little. The dark parts weren’t as genuine because of the way things were lightly covered no depth. A little disappointing from Eastwood he has directed some really heart felt movies…. million dollar baby, letters from Iwo Jima, gran Torino need I go on…

It was good it was feel good having never seen the play its definitely a feel good movie.

Played a few four seasons songs when I got home and I loved the scene where they played “my eyes adored you” best bit of the movie for me

This version on YouTube doesn’t do it justice

But overall 3 out of 5 stars

Thanks Showfilmfirst

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Edge of Tomorrow


So guess who saw this movie this morning big shout out to Showfilmfirst for always hooking a girl up.

My very short review

Great movie for all to see other than a fast blur you can really pretend you didn’t see the Aliens its not gory but he does die a lot.. duh.

First reaction after was smiles reminiscing all the funny bits, unexpected with a Tom Cruise movie these days (excluding Tropic Thunder).

Emily Blunt not typical girl in a action movie yeah she plays the b***h but no obvious flirtations, their banter was more comical to me and really didn’t need a romance element but this is Hollywood.

Emily was badass and Tom was Tom, you get so caught up in the storyline you get swept up in the movie.

I watched in 2D and I have to admit I squeaked a little when one Alien came right at me lol. I got so caught up in it any movie that can do that has my vote.

I am giving it a 4 out of 5 stars because am stingy with my stars this movie ticked all the boxes and then some.

see video and photos from Premiere.

I have to say I like the way Tom gives a lot of opportunities to new actors am noticing and please don’t stop






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Saw it on Sunday at a special screening again shout out to Showfilmfirst.

There were free photo studios setup, popcorn and bottled water provided and trademark horns given away. Lots of parents and kids, too much occupied my mind to take pics sorry 🙂

Anyway quick review
Definitely worth seeing finally a movie with great visual and a good storyline to go with it.

Loved it I know you hear that a lot but trust me it’s rare coming from me just thank your lucky star you will never read my Noah or Bourne Legacy review.

Ok so what’s so great about it, the storyline. Although predictable by moi, it’s doesn’t follow the Hollywood convention. It took a little turn and I have to say I like the new Disney message to young kids as you will have seen in frozen.

It had some funny moments and Angelina’s acting was superb (remember tomb raider…., she impressed me in Salt)

It’s also not a retelling it’s a wonderful script telling the story from Maleficent perspective and how anyone on the outside could have easily written sleeping beauty having observed the lives of this people without really knowing them.

We never asked why Maleficent did what she did

Without spoiling the movie I will shut up now but seriously if you know kids that want to go see this go with them you will love it and if you don’t push your way to the front of the line and get good seats it’s a thing of beauty.

A 7 out of 10 stars because 3 on a scale of 5 stars is just mean. Edge of Tomorrow was 100 times better so you see my dilemma…..ooh got to work on my rating system.

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Book Promo

Book Promo

Book Promo, a photo by Seuny on Flickr.

My edit process to make a fun light hearted promo for a friend that her friends enjoy. Her blog and it is really on amazon .com and so go buy it.

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Tequila in Mexico

Tequila in Mexico by Seuny
Tequila in Mexico, a photo by Seuny on Flickr.
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Taken 2

Just saw this on YouTube mouth still hanging open still not sure it’s real. One of my fave is coming back with a sequel and I pray to God it’s not bad.
Based on this trailer it looks like they have gone with the same formula from the first except this time it is his wife that gets taken [rolls eyes], sounds cheesy if it goes on to a third he will be out of family members.
I will be seeing this I have everything crossed including my fingers hoping its good. Liam Neeson in my book is one of the greats and I look forward to seeing him act.

It’s written by Luc Besson who wrote the first Taken and such great film as Leon, fifth element and some not so great but I still loved it The Transporter, Nikita 🙂

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Snow White and The Huntsman Review


2.5/5 stars Duration: 2hrs
Good points: Cinematography, Charlize Theron

I was a little disappointed with this retelling. I keep trying to pin point what exactly I was unhappy with but I think it comes down to screenplay and Kristen Stewart. Now am not one of those Bella haters I actually thought she was great in Speak. But this was too meaty a role for her (in contrast to Charlize she seemed like an amateur completely out of her depths). I am thinking what was the director thinking I would have reshot a couple of the scenes until she got it right. Charlize was breathtaking she owned the role. (on a side note I was telling my sister she should have played snow white and someone like Susan Sarandon as the evil stepmother but Hollywood would have her play the great grandmother or something). The Dwarves where also lacking there just wasn’t much for them to do which is why I blame the screenplay again. It could also be the editing because there were some random scenes which looked great but had nothing to do with nothin. The story didn’t flow but it looked beautiful. The end was a bit awkward and abrupt which makes me think they were hoping for a sequel, if I was in charge I would not approve.

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