It’s 5 years on since I started the blog and I still can’t shake this movie bug. Have got it bad my friend.

All you need to know is I love taking photographs, film production and post-production.

I have a couple of script ideas, and am working towards an MA in Film part time.

I figure I will put the camera where my mouth is.

I work as videographer in a school (z1 and pmw 200) I edit on fcpx and premiere with a little after effects.

Was originally trained in all Adobe products on my Bsc Multimedia Technology and Design Course in 2004.

Anything Apple was self taught had an imac since I was 13. Worked for Apple as a trainer and technician for 2 years.

Worked as an in house print and web designer for 3 years

Worked on and off as Photographer professionally on weekends and 6 months straight on a Cruise liner.

I also worked at Sainsbury’s and Jessops and yes I hope to retire early.

I love to talk about movies, my friends are sick and tired of my ranting and raving so I thought I would bore you with it. Feel free to let me know your thoughts or even request my thoughts on a movie.

I am also open to seeing your movies so if you want feedback let me know. Don’t worry I don’t aim to be harsh I still believe if you have nothing good to say don’t say anything.

Only movie I ever trashed was Keira knightly’s version of pride and prejudice (yes her version) on a job application with Working Title production I obviously didn’t get that job.

I wanted to blog about my interest
Music video

But it’s looking more like a movie review blog sorry.

Sometimes I see a movie and don’t review so if you want to know ask. I saw Blended before it came out never got round to posting anything.

My main hookup is Showfilmfirst but I have other legal sources 🙂 love the big screen and I don’t intend to give it up.

I live in London where fans are a little more reserved.
Yes have been in the same room as actors (including Channing Tatum) and no I didn’t scream the house down or invade their space because I wanted the facade to drop, see them as they really are. So I just observed and let the more enthusiastic do the crazy.

I would blog about my travels if I could afford to go.


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