Exodus: Gods and Kings

I saw this movie at the O2 Cineworld last night and I have to say I loved it thanks to showfilmfirst.

I get the point everyone who says its not biblically accurate or its whitewashed but look past that and judge the movie on its own merit.

Its a beautifully told story and its someones adaptation of events. I did roll my eyes at the romance between Moses and Zipporah getting the hollywood treament but aside from that its a story that stands.

It relights my desire to read the bible and if any story can do that its worth watching. The way it dramatises and emphasises the 400 years of slavery really help us to imagine what it could have been like. what each character intention must have been and it even tries to give God a voice. I don’t see GOD the way this film interprets him but not 100 people will see God the same way. We make of the text what we will.

Movies are meant to make you think and raise questions we never thought to ask. This one does. I left thinking about how far did God really take those plagues and was Moses really has bold as Christian Bale depicts him.

It challenges your mindsets and awakens your imagination. Its not factual its a movie people open your mind. If people wanted accuracy they will pick up a Bible or Torah

It tries to justify miracles with mother nature and natural occurrences but at the same time shows the enormity of God. Either they tried to stay as neutral as possible or they were trying to let us see through Pharaohs eyes why it took him so long to surrender to Gods will because everything could be reasoned away.

I think Ridley and the writers did an amazing job creating a movie we all can enjoy regardless of race and religion.

I get the whole whitewashed thing but this is not the first and last time it will happen. Why target this film in particular?  and what are you doing to change it?

Joel Edgerton did a magnificent job and even Christian did an awesome job of “bold Moses” although sometimes when he whispered or shouted a line I couldn’t help thinking of Batman (old habits die hard). It just was not necessary in some scenes.

Also Zipporah had a spanish accent on some lines and i don’t know if it was intentional but Moses wife looked a lot like Ramesses wife.

My blog my opinion.

I would give it an 8 out 10 and say it was 100 times better than Noah.

It’s not often my two interest collide movies and God but when they do I pay attention.

It is out on the 26th of December in the UK


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