Category or Page

Category allows you to group all post together so it can be a section on your blog. It can be included in the nav bar and helps viewers to go directly to what they need. Its great for people like me who blog about more than one thing.

Page is just a page that can also be included in the nav bar but you can’t add post to that page. Its best to create a category for grouping posts. An example of this is the about me page where viewers can leave a comment.

A Category can look like a Page if you write in the description box what you want the viewer to see when they click on that category. This description will always be at the top followed by all the post related to that category. An example of this is my travel photography page.

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About Seuny

Video Expo is my candy store. I love taking photographs, film production and post-production. film, photography, editing, gadgets.
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