Jersey Boys


Quick review
A little messy with the story line a little sketchy. It was just about feel good factor but if they had just stuck with reality a lot more it could have been epic real touching it didn’t have to be the musical only it could have strayed from that a little. The dark parts weren’t as genuine because of the way things were lightly covered no depth. A little disappointing from Eastwood he has directed some really heart felt movies…. million dollar baby, letters from Iwo Jima, gran Torino need I go on…

It was good it was feel good having never seen the play its definitely a feel good movie.

Played a few four seasons songs when I got home and I loved the scene where they played “my eyes adored you” best bit of the movie for me

This version on YouTube doesn’t do it justice

But overall 3 out of 5 stars

Thanks Showfilmfirst


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