Edge of Tomorrow


So guess who saw this movie this morning big shout out to Showfilmfirst for always hooking a girl up.

My very short review

Great movie for all to see other than a fast blur you can really pretend you didn’t see the Aliens its not gory but he does die a lot.. duh.

First reaction after was smiles reminiscing all the funny bits, unexpected with a Tom Cruise movie these days (excluding Tropic Thunder).

Emily Blunt not typical girl in a action movie yeah she plays the b***h but no obvious flirtations, their banter was more comical to me and really didn’t need a romance element but this is Hollywood.

Emily was badass and Tom was Tom, you get so caught up in the storyline you get swept up in the movie.

I watched in 2D and I have to admit I squeaked a little when one Alien came right at me lol. I got so caught up in it any movie that can do that has my vote.

I am giving it a 4 out of 5 stars because am stingy with my stars this movie ticked all the boxes and then some.

see video and photos from Premiere.

I have to say I like the way Tom gives a lot of opportunities to new actors am noticing and please don’t stop







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