Taken 2

Just saw this on YouTube mouth still hanging open still not sure it’s real. One of my fave is coming back with a sequel and I pray to God it’s not bad.
Based on this trailer it looks like they have gone with the same formula from the first except this time it is his wife that gets taken [rolls eyes], sounds cheesy if it goes on to a third he will be out of family members.
I will be seeing this I have everything crossed including my fingers hoping its good. Liam Neeson in my book is one of the greats and I look forward to seeing him act.

It’s written by Luc Besson who wrote the first Taken and such great film as Leon, fifth element and some not so great but I still loved it The Transporter, Nikita šŸ™‚


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Video Expo is my candy store. I love taking photographs, film production and post-production. film, photography, editing, gadgets.
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2 Responses to Taken 2

  1. erickpisco says:

    Si la primera fue buena la segunda sera mejor

  2. Seuny says:

    Google translate erickpisco “if the first was good the second will be better”
    I really hope so erickpisco šŸ™‚

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