Snow White and The Huntsman Review


2.5/5 stars Duration: 2hrs
Good points: Cinematography, Charlize Theron

I was a little disappointed with this retelling. I keep trying to pin point what exactly I was unhappy with but I think it comes down to screenplay and Kristen Stewart. Now am not one of those Bella haters I actually thought she was great in Speak. But this was too meaty a role for her (in contrast to Charlize she seemed like an amateur completely out of her depths). I am thinking what was the director thinking I would have reshot a couple of the scenes until she got it right. Charlize was breathtaking she owned the role. (on a side note I was telling my sister she should have played snow white and someone like Susan Sarandon as the evil stepmother but Hollywood would have her play the great grandmother or something). The Dwarves where also lacking there just wasn’t much for them to do which is why I blame the screenplay again. It could also be the editing because there were some random scenes which looked great but had nothing to do with nothin. The story didn’t flow but it looked beautiful. The end was a bit awkward and abrupt which makes me think they were hoping for a sequel, if I was in charge I would not approve.


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