Avengers Assemble Review

Final Review:

If we can’t protect the Earth, you can be damn well sure we’ll avenge it.”– Tony Stark

Robert Downey Jr’s lines in this movie are just brilliant would love to know which were his and which were scripted.

The characters play off of each other really well Joss Wheddon put a lot of thought into the dynamics of the relationships between each hero which I think was crucial to the success of this movie. I think he really injected that feeling you get when you are reading a comic into the movie. Its not like any other comic-movie spin off I have seen. I am so impressed I am looking up all his films that I have ignored in the past excluding Buffy. Seriously hope he does more comic-movie spin offs.

The relationship between the Avengers builds throughout the movie. Theres a real sense of Team and you can absolutely see that this must carry both on and off screen.

Samuel L Jackson good cop bad cop routine goes over well as Nick Fury you end up not quiet sure if you should trust him.

Black Widow as an agent really worked well her skills really shone through. I was worried how her and Hawkeye where going to fit into this whole thing but they delivered.

Captain America played to his strength and showed just why he belongs on the team.

Loki Loki Loki I think am in love. Even though he his the bad guy you can’t help but switch sides throughout the movie. His performance was just flawsless. I found myself cheering him on.

Thor was Thor, I do have to say Chris Hemsworth voice alone just deserves this role.

Ruffalo as the The Hulk was growing on me before I went to see the movie but I have to say he exceeded my expectation. He doesn’t overplay the character and I think that might have a lot to do with the script he seems at ease and confident playing the role. His natural tendency to be funny doesn’t affect what so ever which surprised me but the funnies did come mainly from other characters and they where perfectly timed.

They have definitely left room for this movie to be franchised and other spin offs to be created. It leaves you wanting more and it leaves you wanting to dig up the previous Marvel releases like Iron Man 2, Thor and Captain America just so you can remain on that high.

There were some Doh! moment but very quickly forgiven and forgotten. Don’t even blink cause you will miss something. I will be re-watching over and over just to get that buzz and then pretend I am Captain America for a couple of hours.

Cinematography and Sound was as expected from any hollywood comic book movie. It reminded me of the atmosphere in the cinema when I was watching Transformer, this is better.

I can see some great moments that would have been mind-blowing in 3D but I think that 2D was just as effective.

Again If you are going to see it don’t forget to stay till after the credits wink wink.


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