Avengers Assemble Fan screening

Top: Avengers Assemble fan screening

Initial Review: Loved it, love the fact that it wasn’t all tense and serious throughout.
A great team spirit, love the fact it reflected what a true comic is all about. Joss Whedon did an awesome job I didn’t expect it to be this good with all the A-listers on board.

For all the fans out there seriously it’s is not what you expect it’s going to blow you away. The relationships between the Avengers is what they should be, it’s not overdone and it’s funny. Ruffalo did an awesome job he did Jekyll and Hyde justice.

If you haven’t seen any of the previous Marvel movies you will still be able to enjoy the movie. I took my sister who is more into comedies and has very little knowledge of comics and she enjoyed it.

I couldn’t say there was more fighting than storyline because there wasn’t the whole thing just balanced itself out. Seriously can’t think of anything to fault the movie will review in full detail soon before Film release in the UK on the 26th of April

If you are going to see it don’t forget to stay till after the credits wink wink.


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2 Responses to Avengers Assemble Fan screening

  1. I’m jealous. At first I was just curious but the more I see the trailers and advertisements the more I’m getting legitimately excited. Also hoping that a new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises shows when it hits wide-release.

  2. seuny says:

    Since it and spiderman would be out in july there’s bound to be another teaser soon. New images for The Dark Knight Rises don’t give anything away. With Avengers though You should be excited its better than we all thought a collaboration would be so I am hoping they will bring in more superheroes in the next installments.

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