The Avengers Hollywood Premiere


Top-Bottom: screenshot of UK and US site for The Avengers Assembled

Watching the Hollywood Premiere now on livestream loving the excitement of it all, the fans and the cast.
In my excitement today about getting to see the movie early I have been googling about Avengers all day and came across the US site.
Now as a web developer I notice this things and it bugs me that the UK site looks like its done by an amateur and the US site feels authentic. It has a real movie quality to it.
They have done an awesome job promoting it in the UK, the Facebook and YouTube updates have been awesome.
I can’t wait to go see it. Check back for my review (thanks to showfilmfirst) before the 26th of April when it’s released in the UK. Love the fact that we get to see it closer to all the buzz.

Photos from livestream

A little celebration with the cast onstage




Marvel Live Presenters. The girls did an awesome job, you could tell they were trying very hard not to give too much away.


They played us a nice long trailer and ended with this. I waited a couple mins after just in case 🙂 Now it’s 4:15 am it’s time for bed.


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